inscription from the alley of Boris Hristov
inscription from the alley of Boris Hristov
Contemporary Inscriptions

The inscriptions ‘100 years since the birth of the great opera singer Boris Hristov’ and the verse of the writer Alexander Sekulov ‘.. and for the infinity of time his voice prays for Bulgaria’ are dedicated to the born in Plovdiv and world-famous opera singer.

During the Cold War, he lived and worked in Italy. Although a world star, Hristov was renounced by the communist authorities and was often set against some Bulgarian performers. For almost 30 years he did not receive permission to return to his homeland, but remained emotionally connected to Bulgaria. It was not until 1976 that the Bulgarian Communist Party decided to let him return to Bulgaria. At that time, he managed to record church chants in the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, but never received permission to sing at the Sofia Opera.