An inscription from a pedestal on a statue from the Ancient Theatre
An inscription from a pedestal on a statue from the Ancient Theatre
Greco-Roman inscriptions

An ancient Greek inscription from 90AD, dedicated to the first mayor of Philippopolis - Titus Flavius ​​Cotis. He was a prominent citizen of Philippopolis, who held important leadership positions: a lifelong priest of the god Asclepius, high priest of the imperial cult in the province of Thrace, a judicial representative of the city, construction manager and first archon - mayor. From the inscription we learn that Cotis decorated the city with representative buildings. The inscription, read by Nikolai Sharankov , reads:

"To the man who is first amongst his ancestors in the province, also a three-time high priest of the province of Thrace and the cities in it, the legal representative of the metropolis and responsible for the construction works. Who, during his term as the first archon, decorated the homeland with magnificent buildings. Titus Flavius ​​Cotis, son of Rescuporis, of the Quirina tribus.

A fragment is missing at the bottom of the caption. The name of the sculpture was probably written there. The text follows:

the son of Sostratus , also called Hypolion, erected a statue of his benefactor because of his great benevolence.
*tribus (also tribe) - a Roman administrative unit