Stone ara from Philippopolis
 Stone ara from Philippopolis
Greco-Roman inscriptions

Ara of Lucius Crispin Epagatos – turneytes , Cappadocian , a resident of Philippopol
The inscription is a clear example of how artisans and merchants advertised their activities in Roman metropolises. The awa was commissioned by a master-turner who moved to Philippopolis and received civil rights in the ancient city. On the inscription the ancient craftsman is proudly defined as τορνευτής - turner.

The Cappadocian master-freedman sign-advertisement is associated with a little-known craft in Philippopolis - turnery. The profession is relatively rarely mentioned in literary and epigraphic sources. It is known that turned products during this era were made of different materials: bronze, bone or wood. Turned objects mainly of bone were found in Philippopolis - pharmacy spoons and flutes.