Inscriptions on the Central Post Office
 Inscriptions on the Central Post Office
Inscriptions from totalitarianism

In 1937 the construction of the Plovdiv post office began. On the western facade of the building, inscriptions were mounted: POST, TELEGRAPH, TELEPHONE. In the 70s of the XX century a decision was made to reconstruct and expand the building. This was done because of the naturally growing activity of the postal services, but also to build a suitable setting for the rostrum from which communist leaders greeted the people during demonstrations. On the facades of the new building, inscriptions in Cyrillic and Latin POST, TELEGRAPH, PHONE were placed.
The Old Post Office was designed by the architectural studio of arch. Sava Ovcharov and arch. Yordan Yordanov. The plan for its reconstruction envisaged the demolition of an emblematic building, which the largest Plovdiv donor Kudoglu donated to the Municipality. An interesting fact is that in the team that created this project was Zhelyazko Stoykov - son of the architect who designed the building of Kudoglu - Stoyko Stoykov.