TKZS (ТКЗС) - Labour Cooperative Agricultural Union
TKZS (ТКЗС) - Labour Cooperative Agricultural Union
Inscriptions from totalitarianism

Neon inscription from the time of socialism. 

During the totalitarian period, the Plovdiv Fair was chosen to be "a showcase of socialism in Bulgaria." For this reason, many of the buildings’ facades in the city were repainted and neon signs were placed for advertising purposes. They focus was on the country's export items - tobacco, fruit, wine, textiles, leather and more. and draw attention to the sights of Plovdiv as a host city. 
*The agricultural cooperative is an farmers’ cooperative created according to the Soviet collective farm model. In socialist Bulgaria, agriculture was also the focus of state propaganda.

*The font is used in bold grotesque or the so-called block (block font). The neon tubes are bent at the top and paint a kabel grotesque.