The inscription from Dzhumaya Mosque
The inscription from Dzhumaya Mosque
Ottoman Turkish inscriptions

According to Tatarla, this inscription, executed in the traditions of the kasida, reads as follows:

"His Excellency Sultan Murad, 
who stands near the mercy of God,
this beautiful temple, filled with light, was erected in Plovdiv
Over time, his entire building had collapsed.
It was restored again by the generous ruler as usual.
Alif (the sage) expressed the date of the restoration 
on the precious stone.
Abdulhamid Khan rebuilt this beautiful mosque.
(4), Year 1199 w (Shaban) in (on) 27 ”

Thus, on the 27th month of Shaban 1199 according to the Muslim calendar - July 5, 1784 - the next significant renovation of the Dzhumaya Mosque (the last renovation 2007-2008) was completed. 
From the book by Yordan Velchev "The city or between east and west XIV - XVII century", Janet 45 Publishing House, Sofia, 2005, pp.17-18
*kasida (from the verb kasada – aim at) is an Arabic poetic tradition, where the poet glorifies a specific significant event or person and thus becomes part of its perpetuation.